About Me

About Me

Welcome a personal, professional and perceptive introduction to the one and only Srinath Sherma. Im a fun-loving idealist who has unlimited energy when it comes to passionate curiosity, spiritualistic pursuits (bordering on metaphysics), national and international politics, the occasional conspiracy theory,  and of course my burning and ever lasting passion for technology. Unique individual with a uniform perspective on  systems development, integration and maintenance, my focus is the very plethora that is IT.

Extremely motivated by business systems and their applications in the ever changing  society. Currently working for the Australian Taxation Office as a Systems Analyst with various reporting and systems management responsibilities. A lot of my current role involves process documentations and incident resolution. Previously worked in helpdesk and ticketing environments but slowly and steadily climbing the information technology technical ladder, while attempting to:
-> Understand application support procedures from ticketing systems to implementation of various bug fixes to live (production) and staging environments

-> Develop an entrepreneurial flair for combining technological advances with integrated business procedures/practices

-> Understand core development principles and process flow for agile RAD protocols

-> Assist the integration of business requirements with technical support


  • Web technologies (HTML/CSS Javascript PHP/MySQL)
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Agile (Scalable Agile -> SAFe)
  • Requirements specification and business requirements documentation
  • Technical documentation
  • Visio design

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